Lithelia, LvL 70 Rogue

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 9:45 pm    Post subject: Lithelia, LvL 70 Rogue Reply with quote

Character Name: Lithelia -

Race/Class/Level: Human/Rogue/70

Build Spec (if you are an established character): 17/0/44

What are you looking for in a guild, and what about FoTP interests you?
A guild who's fun and willing to have me Very Happy, and Evath wants me to join, and i know that FoTP is a GREAT guild. Razz

Current/previous guilds, and if you're leaving, why?
The Dark Crusaders, guild split, New Beginnings, Evath left.

Do you know or were you referred here by any of the guilds current members?
Evath's brother Sanglant, and Adryana:D OH and i can't forget! Lunarownage :O

What are your goals as far as end-game content is concerned?
To get to Black Temple and above! :O
Everything, but Black Temple and above and the Sunwell Heroic.
Do you PvP? Would you like to?
I absolutely LOVE PvP Evath and I are arena partners, we do good for a 2v2 rogue team Razz
Typical play schedule? (Note that our raids run 9pm-12am CST, Mon/Tue/Thur). If you cannot make at least 1 of those 3 hour sessions per week, our schedule will not be a good fit for you.)
Any time after 5 is good for me Smile on weekends I'm available all day.

Previous MMORPG experience:
lol Believe it or not, Runescape, bleh

Tell us a little about yourself (the player): Evath's ( "Sanglants Brother")friend and PvP buddy, and i'm an overall great person to get along with Very Happy[/url]
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