Killarrious 70 Fury Warrior

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:48 am    Post subject: Killarrious 70 Fury Warrior Reply with quote

Character Name: Killarrious

Race/Class/Level: Night Elf/Warrior/70

Build Spec (if you are an established character): 17/44/0

What are you looking for in a guild, and what about FoTP interests you?
I am looking for a good guild who raids and that will help me progrees thoughout the game. FoTP has a good rep. and overall they are a good guild.

Current/previous guilds, and if you're leaving, why?
Only other guild i had was back on boulderfist called red star i left the guild and the server because raiding had come to a stand still and garona looked like a very active server.

Do you know or were you referred here by any of the guilds current members?

What are your goals as far as end-game content is concerned?
I would like to continue my endgame experience coming from seeing all the pre bc instances, I would love to see the rest of the bc instances with FoTP.

Do you PvP? Would you like to?
I pvp some but not very often.

Typical play schedule? (Note that our raids run 9pm-12am CST, Mon/Tue/Thur). If you cannot make at least 1 of those 3 hour sessions per week, our schedule will not be a good fit for you.)
I can make all of the raids

Previous MMORPG experience:

Tell us a little about yourself (the player):
I live in south eastern North Carolina, bout 10-15 min from the beach. I am 22 years old. I live with my gf and we both play (she is horde). I am going to college to be a chemist, if you knew what goes on in my head sometime you would wonder why.

I am willing to respec for the needs of the guild, I have a good prot set and i have tanked raids before
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